Tarantino does it again

Just came back from the premiere of Inglorious Basterds [sic!]

So I’ve seen yet another Quentin Tarantino movie, and he has done it again.
What he does is hardcore art, he is messing around with himself, his characters and the audience to the extent that you lose the ability to decide whether you should turn away your head in disgust or just laugh out loud. The way the sarcasm and ultraviolence works together in the kind of atmosphere only Tarantino can create, and those pretty little details that just make you go “ha?”. It’s really, really good.

Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Deathproof. And now this one.
There’s a lot of blood, but if you look closely, you’ll see the details.. they are everywhere!

I would have posted the trailer.. but as usually, I think it spoils too much of the movie, just go watch it.. if you have appreciated his previous movies and if the violence doesn’t scare you off, you’ll surely enjoy.


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