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How much I would give for my 13 year old poodle to be well again. Her sight is gone, her smell, her hearing, her teeth.. and now she had an epileptic seizure scaring me to death. I was convinced she was dying in my arms. Such a feeling of helplessness.

I’ve had her since I was 10. That’s forever.

You don’t put old blind people to sleep, and she’s been blind for 7 years now. I refuse as long as she shows signs of happiness.. she loves us, she loves physical contact and attention.. and that seems to be all she needs. As long as she isn’t in pain and wags her tail, things are okay.

I just wish she could run around all crazy like she used to. My dearest Lucky, just like a babysister that always understands.


  1. Carol, I think this picture may have not been uploaded properly because I can not see it using neither Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome web browsers. Saying this because your friends in here may not be able to see it either.
    Me too I’ve got or I live with two little chihuahuas. The mother is 12 and brown and the son is 9 and black and white like its father.
    She (the mother) is a bit lame (can not go up the stairs and jump on the couch by herself like she used to), has a heart condition for which she is given medication every day due to her age and some little cataracts are spreading on her eyes but she is also happy and still wags her tail. She still goes crazy and barks when we get in coming from the street. :-)

  2. What a beautiful picture… it says a thousand words.
    Much love to you and your sweet little friend, Sabine (from Denmark)

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