Going home..

It’s raining in Crveni Grm today..
It’s our first rainy day since the last day in Belgrade and the bus to Mitrovica!

Hopefully it means that we’re bringing the sun to Sweden.

We’re going to Split today and our flight to Copenhagen leaves at 20:30, two hours later we’re practically home. Everything is so close nowadays.

I’ve had the best of times among the nicest of people.. this family is really loveable and I hope to come back to this place again soon.

I’m looking forward to Sweden now.. I miss my mom, my dog.. my car and my new phone.. haha
And I really look forward to be studying again, international relations, one year master programme. Yay!
And a distance course in International peacekeeping at the University of Queensland in Australia. And maybe some Chinese.. and working? …haha.. ehm, I thing I might stay?! :P

But yes, getting back home will be fun.. I’m not sure about the sleeping alone part though. :(

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