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Strawberry Swing

cred: Buzza

Yesterday was yet another wonderful day, it’s great how the perfect days are becoming more & more frequent, those bad days I used to have have turned into bad hours instead which I’ve learnt to handle and let pass.. Things are beautiful.

We went to the festival in the evening.. walked around, took some pictures.. bought some freshly baked breadrolls and some juice.. and wandered the city. In folkets park we found a great concert and we danced, danced and danced to reggae, salsa, cumbia and SKA.. it was pure happiness and just great.. and in the end they gave away all their grilled meat with rice as the festival was ending.

So, to sum things up, we walked, talked, danced, had some food, drank our juice, took some pictures.. and danced our way back home.

Goodbye Malmö Festivalen, see you next year!


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