Budva, Montenegro

Arriving in Budva felt great.. we could pay by euro.. we had been in an air-conditioned taxi for a while.. and the sun was going down.

We had been talking to the personnel at Hippo Hostel earlier via skype and they told us that they had a free double room, we kind of booked it but not fully as we didnt know if we would manage to get to Budva. Anyway, we somehow thought that it had a private bathroom and were really looking forward to the shower as we hadnt had any in Tirana. (They dont guarantee 24hour water supply in Tirana.. when we were there there was no water at all in the tap.. whoah) After a while of searching for the hostel a dude knew the place and a taxi got us to the other side of Budva and we found Hippo Hostel. On the way there we saw heaps of signs that there were rooms to hire in private houses.. we kept that in mind as the room in the hostel was very expensive, 20euro per person and night.. in a hostel? Nah.. But we went there anyway, and got to see the room that proved to be a small room with only a doublebed in it and not even enough room to get our backpacks in.. We went like: “but, wasnt there supposed to be a private bathroom included?” And the owner went “if youre looking for an ensuite youre not looking for a hostel”. ..What now? We left.

Paying 18euro per person and night, right across the street..
A private apartment with a beautiful balcony and view, airconditioning, bathroom, heaps of space and a really helpful lady downstairs. Thank you rude hippo hostel owner for changing our mind! And for people going to Budva.. just walk around, the private and really nice apartments are everywhere and the people will probably try to hunt you down in the busstation!

We stayed for two nights, hanging out in the beach, walking around Budva by night.. it was beautiful.. the beach was really nice, and what a place to party!! We never went out because we were really tired from all the travelling.. but I would really recommend the city to crazy kids that want to party.. it was wicked! Outdoor clubs playing loud serbian music and people everywhere, on the floor, on the tables.. and strippers.. and food.. and girls in nonexistent clothes and heels taking them to the clouds in all the different colours of the rainbow, anything you would need for a crazy night. haha

That was that, Budva.. party!
And money.. three story yachts.. maseratis.. goldchains.. and russians. Mafia!

I kind of died of tiredness, Olli was the worlds sweetest and got us bustickets while I packed the bags and relaxed on the balcony.. And then we went.. to Dubrovnik.

Now this was like 5 days ago. Im a bit late with the writing.. and we were actually in Dubrovnik today because we only passed through it that day.. but however, Ill get there.. this post is over. Budva was really nice.


(and right.. I dont know why.. but my mind has somehow stayed in Macedonia cause I keep writing that instead of Montenegro.. Budva is in Montenegro.. nowhere else.. Montenegro, Montenegro, Crna Gora.. I like!)

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