Israel & Palestine 2010 Travels Videos

A walk in Ramallah, Palestine

Somebody asked me the other day whether I wasn’t afraid to go to Palestine on my own, being a woman and all. Here’s a short video that I took during a solitary walk in central Ramallah in 2010. Not particularly terrifying, or what do you think?

Click here for the rest of the stories from my two months in Israel and Palestine in 2010. (I see I haven’t shared a lot of my impressions from this trip, except for the Master thesis – obviously. Will write some stories when time allows.)


  1. Funny, I get that question all the time too, and having lived in Ramallah for seven months, the only time I actually felt really scared was when the police waved me into the side of the road just outside Eilat for what I assumed was speeding. Turned out, my lights were out.

    Happy to tell you that Ramallah looks exactly the same today, apart from the fact that they finally put up some fences on that main road to protect the pedestrians :)

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