Someday Somewhere – trap!


A bit disillusioned by the loss of my external harddrive with my entire photo, music and movie archive, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ll write about the assault soon enough, and guess what – my Cuba photos are still on the SD card that was still in the camera that I managed to protect, so you’ll get more Cuba! (I just haven’t been in the mood as I had already selected what to upload and edited a lot of the photos which equals hours and hours of work.. grr..) Most other things are backed up, at least the most important of it, so all is not lost and my heart is not broken. :)

In the meantime, I’ll acknowledge the amazing friends who share music with me on Dropbox and good vibes over whatsapp. You know the effect the discovery of fresh tunes has on my heart, I’m happy happy! Here’s a Mura Masa goodie for all of you, and below you’ll find his latest EP, Someday Somewhere. A fresh discovery I’m enjoying lots as I’m completely hooked on trap lately.

This kid is just 19, and introduces himself as “beat slayer heart breaker producer singer writer lover” on his SoundCloud, enjoy!

Mura Masa – Terrible love (Feat. Denai Moore)
Someday Somewhere EP (2015)

(Did you notice it’s all the same girl on the right? Ahh.. it all suddenly makes so much more sense, doesn’t it?)

Mura Masa – Someday Somewhere EP

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  1. so sorry to hear about the harddrive :( what a bummer. I hope for your photos at least that you had back-ups of the back-up. Hope you’ll put it back together in no time!

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