The blog is taking a break

Hi there,

Since I moved to Stockholm and started my new job with the UNHCR I haven’t had the time to update this space properly. This doesn’t mean I won’t be back on here. And I occasionally try to add some of my work products and projects on this page: http://www.carolinebach.com/projects/


Overall, in short, priorities have shifted. And today, finally, I have more opportunities to spend time with people I love in person, socialize, and do fun things that don’t involve a screen. Instead, as part of my job, I’m sometimes on the other side of a screen – and I still travel, produce videos and take photos – but usually on mission with the office. Publicly, I’m still active on Twitter – feel free to connect and say hi on there! And of course on my more closed and private networks.

I will probably get back here with an update soon enough. Just not yet. In the meantime – here are some photos of my new job, my new life, and my first ever real home. Stockholm has welcomed me very warmly, and I couldn’t be happier with where I am at the moment. :)

Nyhetsmorgon scr7

Syria Nyhetsmorgon Screenshot







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