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Beautifully filmed by Swedish Jesper Bolmén, this piece from 2011 manages to capture my exact impression and experience of life in a surfer’s paradise. Tobago, Tamarindo, Tofo. Palm trees.

Jonas Rathsman – Tobago (2011)

By the way, guess what, more surprises – that field trip that I didn’t get on my flight for today got cancelled three hours later due to external reasons. So if I had gotten a seat, I would have just had to travel straight back anyway.

Being surprised is one of the most interesting feelings out there and I adore the fact that life keeps doing this to me.

Good night, world.

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  1. I really love people who see opportunities instead of obstacles and is capable of adjusting to reallity. Good for you my dear Caroline. People like you are always welcome in Nicaragua : )

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