Breathing Under Water

Had a discussion with a friend the other day where he stated that “quality music” wasn’t being produced anymore. And while I may agree that few things are as timeless as Miles Davis or even Bob Marley (is there ANYBODY who doesn’t like Bob Marley?) I’m a firm believer that music keeps being reinvented – and I’m a big fan of all these new fusion styles with trappy, funky, souly, jazzy and even hip-hoppy tunes all being blended together, creating completely new sounds. And voices, good voices are always timeless.

Here’s something fresh and awesome, the Australian band with a complicated name, Hiatus Kaiyote, define their style as “future-soul”. They released their album Choose your Weapon in May this year, and released this great video in August.

I’m definitely enjoying this, it’s a pleasure for both the eyes and the ears. :)

Hiatus Kaiyote – Breathing Under Water
Choose Your Weapon (2015)

Someday Somewhere – trap!


A bit disillusioned by the loss of my external harddrive with my entire photo, music and movie archive, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ll write about the assault soon enough, and guess what – my Cuba photos are still on the SD card that was still in the camera that I managed to protect, so you’ll get more Cuba! (I just haven’t been in the mood as I had already selected what to upload and edited a lot of the photos which equals hours and hours of work.. grr..) Most other things are backed up, at least the most important of it, so all is not lost and my heart is not broken. :)

In the meantime, I’ll acknowledge the amazing friends who share music with me on Dropbox and good vibes over whatsapp. You know the effect the discovery of fresh tunes has on my heart, I’m happy happy! Here’s a Mura Masa goodie for all of you, and below you’ll find his latest EP, Someday Somewhere. A fresh discovery I’m enjoying lots as I’m completely hooked on trap lately.

This kid is just 19, and introduces himself as “beat slayer heart breaker producer singer writer lover” on his SoundCloud, enjoy!

Mura Masa – Terrible love (Feat. Denai Moore)
Someday Somewhere EP (2015)

(Did you notice it’s all the same girl on the right? Ahh.. it all suddenly makes so much more sense, doesn’t it?)

Mura Masa – Someday Somewhere EP

Willing & Able

Disclosure have released the third single from their upcoming LP Caracal, due on September 25th. This one is a soulful midtempo beat with smooth voiced Kwabs kicking the vocals, and also dancing in the very cool yellow/brown animated video.

I’m looking forward to Caracal, with hopes that Disclosure once again will surprise with a lot of fresh sounds and on-point vocals. The tracklist for the album was shared last week, so it’s official that The Weeknd, Lorde, Sam Smith and Miguel will be featured, among others. It’s going to be very exciting. In the meantine, enjoy this one!

Monday mornings

Here’s to beautiful Monday mornings after an all-in Friday full moon celebration and dancing followed by a sweet weekend spent mostly in bed.

Last night, after coming back home from a short afternoon working session at the office, I realized my phone battery had died. Instead of turning my phone back on, I started drawing. And then some sort of trippy elephant emerged. I haven’t drawn anything for many years, so this made me happy.


Corey Session

You know when you decide you’ll probably just have a quiet evening and then something beautiful happens unexpectedly? Well, on Friday, a friend called and suggested a spontaneous hangout session at my place. I didn’t see any issue with “can I bring a friend along?” – which is how this new person, Corey, found his way to my balcony.

Bliss! People who want to share their talents and skills make me so happy.

All you ever give me is pleasure, baby.


Marvelously sexy discoveries and obsessions. Music, baby!

The funk and high pitched voice of this guy are a real treasure. And this tune – the complete adoration of a woman in the smoothest cheesiness that gives you the proper Maxwell/Van Hunt/Bilal/Marvin Gaye kinda’ feels – and the bass line..! Ay, no no no no!

Listen, kids and fellow soul junkies. Do it.
(But please do so through proper speakers so you don’t miss out on the bass)

Chris Turner – Liquid Love
From Love Child EP(2012)

And guess what.. there’s a completely kick ass drum n bass version of this (which is how I was introduced to this talent) but the drop is so damn hot that I can’t even share it. I’m keeping that baby to myself.

Avina & Caroline Celebrate Life – The Belize & Mexico stories.


Here’s an example of what celebrating life is all about. A video I made last month trying to summarize the fun we had when Avina was here visiting me in Belize and we spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Mexico. A beautiful couple of weeks in the best kind of company – a friend that you can relax and be yourself around, and dive straight into total euphoria with. Ella Eyre was our soundtrack for the trip, joy and spontaneity were our rushes.

Soundtrack: Rudimental – Waiting all night featuring Ella Eyre

See the photo blog posts and stories from the entire trip here:

Avina on CC Island

Christmas on the beach – thank you, Tulum!

Playa del Carmen is for Dancing, and Surprise Cabaret

Cancun Beach Fun

Counting down to 2015, celebrating New Year’s Eve in Mexico

New friends, wine, a boat, and yet another beautiful sunset

Life is a Cabaret – last night in Playa del Carmen

Tulum stories: The Moon is full and life is yours to enjoy, now come – dance and love.

Tulum mornings

Turtle photobomb in Gran Cenote, Tulum

Day trip to Altun Ha

This was a trip that will stay in my mind as a cherished memory for a long time ahead. Tack älskling!



Pharrell just dropped a tune rocking a very important message, an beautiful video, and of course his indisputable super talent in lyrics, vocals and dancing. The voice, the man, freedom!

Pharrell Williams – Freedom
Released 22 July 2015

Hold on to me
Don’t let me go
Who cares what they see?
Who cares what they know?
Your first name is Free
Last name is Dom
We choose to believe
In where we’re from

Man’s red flower
It’s in every living thing
Mind, use your power
Spirit, use your wings

Hold on to me
Don’t let me go
Cheetahs need to eat
Run antelope
Your first name is King
Last name is Dom
We choose to believe
In everyone

When a baby first breathes
When night sees sunrise
When the whale hides in the sea
When men recognize us
Breathe in

We are from heat
Electric wonder
Does it shock you to see
He left us the sun?
Atoms in the air
Organisms in the sea
The sun and, yes, man
Are made of the same things