I couldn’t let you know I’d gone

Meet the marvellous voice, lyrics and guitar of Jamie Woon.

I couldn’t let you know I’d gone
You might have thought you’d done something wrong
Well I can tell you why I’ve been setting fire to the wires that untangle the world

Sorry that I missed your calls
But all I wanna do is throw the phone at the wall
And how many times can you hear that sound
“Don’t leave a message I’m not around”

You know me, I’m with you when I’m with you
Dancing to your rhythm
Understanding why I can’t tell you.

Jamie Woon – Missing Person
Mirrorwriting (2011)

Apparently it’s the acacia season now and the trees are flourishing. That’s wonderful, but judging from the current state of my nose, eyes and energy, it seems like I’m very much allergic to their pollen. I can’t breathe in the night and I wake up tired, swollen and red-eyed. I gues this is when I remind myself about those studies stating that allergy sufferers are less prone to cancer.

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