Barcelona 2011 Music Photography Videos

Choosing music

Going to music festivals means you get to dance your head off in the sun (or the rain!) together with other music-loving people. The hype, the love and the shared happiness provides you with an euphoria seldom lived in other contexts. It’s what happens when the overwhelming passion for beats and tunes, instruments and voices clashes. All in one place – party, baby!

There are two big music festivals here in Barcelona this summer, Primavera Sound and Sonar.

The tickets are expensive so I might have to choose between two of my favourite music genres, or I’ll try to combine them by buying tickets for a little part of both. We’ll see..

Here’s a treat for each of them;

Primavera Sound, 25th to 29th of May:

Baths – Maximalist
Cerulean (2010)

Sonar, 16th to 18th of June:

Boys Noize – Jeffer
Power (2009)

So, who’s coming over to dance with me?

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