Colombia, Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago 2014 Photography Travels

Trinidad & Tobago – When you least expect it..

We landed in Port of Spain in Trinidad, and hopped on the first next plane to the little island of Tobago.. because that’s where the magic happens. Magic being quiet fishing villages, beautiful beaches and diving bliss.

I had no expectations at all about Tobago, I only knew I really wanted to go there for some reason.. probably because I knew so little about it – so how was it.. and what happened? First of all, we rented a car at the airport to get around the island, which we soon realized was the best decision ever as there was a lot to explore, and our other choices would have been very unreliable public transport and expensive taxis.. So we got away from the Western part of the Island, where mainly all-inclusive resorts and “elderly German tourists dancing to calypso” happen, to the Eastern part of the Island – where all those other nice things are. It was very quiet, almost as if it there was nobody there. We got a very nice little place with a seaview in Charlotteville and started exploring the most beautiful of beaches. And then we did some diving from a village nearby called Speyside.. and it was all really great. But there was something missing… Before I continue, I need to share this whole story about turtles that started even before this trip. Luc has a thing about turtles, he likes them. And while I instantly thought about the Zombie kid and “but aren’t they all slow and clumsy and dumb?” he went “you have to see them in the water!” So I completely embraced the idea of seeing a turtle in water, and it sort of became one of the big goals of the trip. But we didn’t see any turtles when snorkeling or diving in Colombia.. and I stopped hoping for it after our second dive in Speyside. Anyway, we decided to dive one last time before leaving the eastern part of Tobago in the end of our trip.. so we did, and it was the most colourful and lovely of my 9 dives so far – and.. there it was! A TURTLE!! And it was huge and beautiful and calm and not afraid at all – and amazing..! And I was so happy that I was smiling so hard my diving mask completely filled up with water. It was the best turtle in the world. The trip had officially reached perfection.. Tobago was awesome.

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