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Syd the Kyd from The Internet sings along to Chad Hugo (The Neptunes) produced beats, creating a casually perfect, minimalistic and incredibly groovy masterpiece, rocking it in her socks only. This is a production where the actual music really is given its proper space – Syd the Kyd’s soft voice and funky attitude along with the beautiful and unconventional takes and close-ups, soft contrasts and gray tones in the Lacey Duke directed video let you truly focus on how it all sounds – connect with the bassline – and take in all the soul. And there’s so much of it!

The Internet – Dontcha
Feel Good (2013)

I had to pick up the entire album – released two months ago – after hearing this, and I love how The Internet manage to sound so much like those timeless neo soul masters – I’m talking Lucy Pearl, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Raheem DeVaughn kind of quality.
You know, when mesmerizing and rich vocals are accompanied by live instruments that in any moment can break into sounding like a live jam session. Soul, funk, lounge, jazz.. Love!

Actually, this is The Internet’s sophomore album, which apparently sounds far better than the first one so I’m not going to risk this enchantment by digging into their past. So to break it down, The Internet is actually a duo consisting of Syd the Kyd and Matt Martian, both part of the LA based 14 member hip hop collective OFWGKTA – which stands for “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All” – and has another five sub-bands – confused? Most people just refer to the collective as “Odd Future”. And if that name at least rings a bell, like it did for me – it’s a record label – and Frank Ocean is part of the whole deal. Aaahh.. can you hear the sound of planets and talent aligning?

Anyway, in its full splendour, I give you Feel Good, by The Internet. Odd Future Records. September 2014. So much soul. Please vibe along.

Feel Good
(September 2013)

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