Celebrating Life Photography Poland

Ready? Last day in Warsaw.

We survived.

Woke up, booked a table in a restaurant, got into a cab.. and got a phonecall “Come here, we made lasagna!”. So the cab changed the course to Kris and Piotr’s place, where we had lasagna and hung out, before going for a small shopping spree where Avina got her hat. Kris dropped us off back at home, we visited the pool and spent the rest of the evening watching rental movies and enjoying the little luxuries and laziness that room service provides.

Well, at least until 10pm.

Because we did go out dancing, of course. Prosecco and snacks in Aïoli first where we realized that half of the group had been too tired to join us for another night of insanity, so we went for “Bubble Boom” shots with candyliqueur and sprinkles at Sketch by Night. The night was blue, pink and intense.

Next morning Piotr and Kris drove us to the airport. I seriously think they belong to the category of some of best people on earth. So much love! By 8pm, after a busride from the airport, we had arrived home in Stockholm. Avina, her hat, and I. Exhausted. Happy. Done.


  1. The 55-year-old grandmother looked more than a little worse for wear as she staggered out of a nightclub in London’s exclusive Mayfair district at 3am, and collapsed drunkenly in the back of a waiting taxi.

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