Celebrating Life Photography Poland

Blood, shots and kisses. This is Warsaw by night.

On our second night in Warsaw we had the entire group with us. We first met for dinner in Der Elefant and did it the way it’s done in Warsaw – a lot of love, a lot of different clubs, and breakfast in Lemon, of course.

Somebody dropped a broken glass on my arm from the second floor in one of the clubs, so I got bandage on the cut and looked like Lara Croft (Oh, I wish!) for the rest of the night. Anyway, after Der Elefant, we went to a really nice bar that I don’t know the name of (guys, help!), then we visited a really nice club called Syreni Spiew, which is kind of like a house in a park with live music and a great athmosphere – and then we danced for a while in de lite, where the whole glass incident happened, and then we ended in Klubokawiarnia, which unfortunately has changed a lot since I used to go there. At least there were dancing poles so one of our friends had a lot of fun as she does pole dancing for sports – we were more than entertained. After finally having breakfast at Lemon in the morning hours, we got back to the hotel and took the elevator up to our room on the 30th floor. There, we found ourselves completely embedded in white – and that’s where we went to sleep. Among the clouds.

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