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22 minutes of LOVE

I am completely blissful about Active Child’s latest EP, Rapor..! Yes, even an exclamation mark right there. It has been up for streaming for a week now, and releases today (October 22nd) on iTunes through Vagrant Records. The EP has instantly been added to my list of rare but perfect albums for driving at night and singing along. What you have here is absolutely wonderful 80’s electro pop with Pat Grossi’s sweet and melancholic falsetto voice, glistering synths and some subtle but very much welcome post-dubstep vibes that reconnect you with the 2013 feel. Featured on the EP are also the vocal talents of Ellie Goulding and Mikky Ekko (Who tips on the border of sounding just a little bit too much like Justin Timberlake, but gets away with it.) The EP is only 22 minutes long and leaves me craving for more, but the six tracks still manage to provide a perfect balance between playful, painful, epic and soulful. It’s just all there, I’m not kidding. A thousand times repeat.

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