Live from Android Nicaragua 2013 Travels

Jahoska Minerba


I’m sitting next to a girl who possibly has the coolest name on the continent.

Twelve hours ahead of us to San Salvador, then I will spend the night there to catch the morning bus to Guatemala City. Probably. One never knows for sure. :)

A lot of hours to contemplate, think, and look out the window – in the meantime, young and curious Jahoska keeps asking me very random things and showing me YouTube videos on her phone. Now she is telling me about her life and childhood, and it is very, interesting and sad. Her name was misspelled when her birth was registered for the first time at the age of six. She was born in Guatemala, but her birth was never registered by her mother, until an uncle brought her to Nicaragua. There are a lot of stories in one story here, but I can’t share them like this.

Basically, I’m on the road again..


And very soon I will be crossing the border to one of the world’s most dangerous country. Or at least that’s what they say about Honduras..


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