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¿Será que llueve?


I think the rainy season might have arrived to Managua..

My mind and body are starting to complain as I obviously need a break from work. A weekend would be nice, for example – let’s see if I can find some time to squeeze one in somewhere in the near future.

Watched the 1995 movie La Haine yesterday, a very good one. Realized I used to know that kind of angry kids and the very clear and well presented connection to how the lack of inspiring, entertaining and protective environments and activities puts the social and emotional development of children and youth at very high risk. There were many scenes in the movie where the lead characters would just sit, for hours, being bored.

Which is exactly what I am working on right now, by the way. And the reason to why weekends often feel less urgent than getting things done.

La Haine (1995)
Directed by Matthieu Kassovitz

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