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Just stumbled upon this new tune by the Polish beatmaker Kixnare. Released last week under U Know Me Records, the video is a story as seen from the perspective of a young Polish girl who is tired of her ordinary job and dreams of a modelling career. Directed by the photographer and videographer Miron Chomacki who usually focuses on nude art, it is not a surprise that most of the video is tip-toeing on the verge to soft porn, with peepshow styled shots, fingers on lips and glimpses of nipples. Dominated by red colour, probably referring to the name of the upcoming album, the video is slightly monotone but very nicely filmed and beautiful. Due to all the cuts and teasers, however, it very soon becomes quite distracting if one wants to judge whether the sound actually is good.

Let me tell you now that it is. Filled with the illusion of falling drops, cautiously flat drumbeats, pretty bass and some synth sounds bridging the whole thing, the tune is backed up by a great, very well linked and super catchy sample from the oldschool R&B song Beauty Queen by Next.

“Like you was a super model, had your little Gucci dough.”

All in all, I’m definitely loving it, lingerie included.

Just don’t forget to boost it up to HD before listening, for the sake of the details in both sound and video.

Kixnare – Gucci Dough
U Know Me Records, forthcoming on CD, Vinyl and Digital
Published February 4th 2012


  1. Kixnare is fuckin’ beatmaking master, but that video idea reminded me of other polish production – HADES Changes – check this instrumental version and wait until 3:20 to see it going hot. Another story of girl tired of her ordinary job… ;) enjoy!

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