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Close to.. who?

Today’s big question is why I sent an email to myself at 1am last night, saying nothing but “close to you”.

Actually, it’s far less mysterious than one might think. We were dancing at Núcleo De Arte and the DJ was playing oldschool funk and New Jack Swing. The reference is to a song that I was very happy to hear and wanted to look up once I got home, the problem was I couldn’t remember the title, and that I wanted to dance rather than write. So I sticked with these three words that I can’t even google nor use to spark my memory. Instead, I’ll use the email and this blogpost to reminisce about yesterday’s adventures, it was like being sixteen all over again. The music, the athmosphere, the giggles!

And to ease your dissapointment for this not being a juicy novel about some mysterious person that I suddenly was being oh-so-close with, I give you three girls in LBD’s and an intensely bouncing Bobby instead.

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