Copenhagen Photography

Introducing: The Hobbit house

Let me introduce my home here in Copenhagen. I call it the hobbit house because of the low ceilings. It’s cosy and beautiful and it takes me about four minutes to get to work, I couldn’t have wished for a better place during these six months. Anyway, here’s a video tour, with a glimpse of my bike in the end.

I live in a historic row house district called Nyboder. It was planned and first built by the Danish king Christian IV to accommodate the personnel of the Royal Danish Navy and their families. The construction of the houses started in 1631 and their yellow colour is often referred to as “Nyboder yellow”. When people ask me where I live, I just say “the yellow houses” and the question I then always get is whether I’m part of the Royal Danish Defence. I’m not, but my housemate is which is why I can live in this great place anyway.. and why we have cartridge boxes and other random army things at home.

I will only live here for a couple of days more, then I’m off to warmer places. I’m actually happy the snow came now, it’s pretty.


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