Barcelona 2011

Beautiful randoms.


I try quite hard not to be overtly romantic as I seem to have a cheesy gene that might take over my world if I don’t control it. Appreciating details and beauty in random moments is, however, something that I often choose to continue doing. Sometimes, I even choose to share. In other words – the following post is incredibly cheesy, but you have officially been warned.

On my last day in Barcelona we decided to go to the beach, it was a beautiful day. We walked, like so many times before, through the narrow streets of el Gotico and I was thinking about how much I loved the city, about how eclectic it was, and about how much I would miss my Barcelona walks, all the dancing and laughing and photographing and eating dinner late at night and drinking wine and talking, talking, loving, walking.

Right at that moment, I found this necklace on the ground. The street was completely empty. It was mine.

There’s nothing specific about it, the most simple of silver necklaces with little details completing it. Which also is the reason to why I love it so much – it reminds me of how romantic and beautiful simpleness and random details can be. And of how they are the perfect reasons to be happy.

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