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I’m on my way back to Copenhagen now, with a short stop-over in Malmö.

I was in a UN-school in Gothenburg today, introducing the WFP in a beautiful auditorium together with lovely Janerose Alvers who used to receive school meals from WFP when she was in school in Kenya. The spotlights were preventing me from seeing my audience well which would have been much nicer but I had a really good time anyway and they were really great.

Also, I received the most awkward of emails today. It was a person I met at a conference once who ‘just wanted to tell me’ how evil I am, based on his deep understanding of behavioral psychology and human interaction. I never interacted with this person more than at that one point and with one email confirming my contact details. True story.

So I took a very evil-looking picture and now somebody who met me more than once maybe could confirm this accusation? Or should I start worrying?

Not much time left of my trainride.. time for contemplation and James Blake.


  1. No you’re not evil. Though I concur with the 3-birthday experiment comment. Haha. Still waiting for the verdict on that experiment. But uh…how did this guy get your email anyway? I’m interested to know on what about you did he think was evil? He hasn’t met the Carolinka of Caroline maybe?

  2. Hahaha you guys got me, I’ll post the results from that experiment some day, I promise! Den, you know the case now, so please tell me what was evil cause I still have no idea. :)

  3. I have never met you, but based on the interaction via email and chat we have had I have to disagree with that guy. My understanding of behavioral psychology tells me that you are an extremely nice and helpful person (or how would you describe someone who spends several hours helping you with a BA-thesis without really knowing you???). And even though you might be trying pretty hard to look evil in that pic, it doesn´t really work too well:)

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