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The Bin Laden Hysteria ft. Com Truise

Waking up this morning, twitter informed me about the death of Osama Bin Laden. Hours later, I am still confused about all the celebrating and people acting like as if their country had just won the world championships in football.

A bad man has been executed without a trial. The leader of Al Qaeda was without any doubt a source of great hatred, but still, this man had many followers and his death most probably isn’t the end of all terrorism – or the security checks at airports. Let’s try not being too naïve about this one.

Having said that, I have to say that I am completely in love with twitter. The world was twittering about the news of the killing long before it was officially confirmed by the US Government. A man in Abbottabad unknowingly live-tweeted the action. And now #siosamafueramexicano is trending worldwide. Such a practically direct, powerful and reliable way of getting an understanding of both general opinion and that of specific people.

For those that have had enough of the Bin Laden hysteria, here’s some Com Truise. The album can be downloaded for free from his webpage, just click the name of the album below. :)

Com Truise – Slow Peels
Cyanide Sisters (2010)


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