Sing my name!

I generally consider my name a very boring and common one, I’m Caroline in Sweden and for English speakers, Carolina in Spain and Poland.. and well, Meng Xin Min in China.. haha. What I do find funny, however, is when random people start singing for me when I introduce myself. I love people that spontaneously burst into singing, and when they make fun of my name it’s just even more entertaining.

My first memory of people singing my name is from when I was travelling around South America. In Argentina I met two brothers with guitars in Buenos Aires and then later a friend in Mendoza that all were singing the quite unknown but very lovely What if I do? by Foo Fighters. I had never heard the song before and it became a personal favourite although I always preferred the live version I had in my mind.

When I reached Brazil a month later, I didn’t meet a single Brazilian that didn’t sing Seu Jorge – Carolina for me every time I introduced myself. Seriously, I’m not kidding. So, I checked out the artist, and fell in love with his music.

Here in Spain people don’t burst out into singing that often, it has, however, happened more than twice and here’s my official Spain song: M-Clan – Carolina.

At last, internationally.. I get Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline. And it makes me like my name just a little bit more :)

Today has been an intense day with a lot of Basketball and UNICEF and fun. The two teams with the most impressive and loud supporter groups won so I am really looking forward to the game and all the singing on Sunday. Oh, and the concert tomorrow! You’ll get more info soon but I am really tired and going to sleep right after that! No excuses!

So what if it’s Friday? :)

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