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You know you’re in Malmö when you drink non alcoholic Dubai beer with your Kurdish-Polish and Indian-Iranian girls.

Today I went with my family to our traditional Easter church visit where we met a big part of the Polish community of the city, later on I met these two lovely girls and then I did some shopping with an Albanian friend and took a short drive around town with a Croatian-Bosnian friend. It’s only now that I realize how incredibly international this city is and how much I am enjoying the mix of backgrounds that my friends have. You learn so much about culture from it and it just comes as a natural part of the friendship!

It’s nice to be back for some days, the weather is incredible and people are happy and out on the streets so I’ve been bumping into random friends all day which has been a lot of fun.

Tonight we go out dancing and I’m looking forward to meet more darlings!

Happy Easter everybody! :)

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