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Two small torches and a power cut in town.. :) Anjuna beach, Goa, India 2010

My days are passing and they are packed with music, photos, work and snow. I am enjoying.

Bebe – Tu silencio
Pafuera Telarañas (2004)

Ahora no estás aquí,
ahora no estoy aquí,
pero el silenció es la más elocuente forma de mentir.

En tu silencio habita el mío
y en alguna parte de mi cuerpo habitó
un trozo de tu olor,
en tu silencio habita el mío
y en alguna parte de mis ojos habitó
un trozo de dolor.

Ahora estás aquí,
ahora estoy aquí,
abrázame para que piense alguna vez en ti.

Other than that I’ve just been completely obsessed with the Stevie Nicks video that I posted yesterday, I just can’t get tired of her voice and that perfectly banal song. It’s been on repeat since I came back home from work. haha.. Right now I’m uploading my photos to the ftp of the printinghouse, it’s been difficult to choose which photos to display and which not to, when you love the moment of taking a picture you develop a special relation to a lot of your shots, having to reject them then suddenly feels very personal, like actually killing your darlings..

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