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12 minutes of pleasure

There is a paticular feeling of nothingness that I enjoy surrendering my mind into. It’s a space where neither time nor distractions exist; it’s just me being alone with myself, my body and my senses. The surroundings blur out and what stays are the details and the contrasts, colours, lights, textures.. and music. The impressions that my senses absorb are all I have for company and they put me in a state of overwhelming yet very calm and peaceful euphoria.

My daily trainrides are pure pleasure when I let my ipod guide me into myself and close out the outer world. I don’t mind the trains being delayed, or the rain, or anything at all. The fact of not really being able to do anything than just being is utterly relaxing and reminds me of the long distance buses in South America and the neverending trainrides in China. There’s nothing like having to let time pass and surrender to oneself, to just being. And enjoy it. At least for those 12 minutes that the trainride lasts, plus the short walk to the car.

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