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Live from Riga Airport

I’m sitting at the airport in Riga now with my baby-Asus, we have some more hours to kill here before the flight leaves.

I’ve been walking around Riga, exploring the city.. it’s nice, small and cosy, nothing extraordinary though, and it was COLD.. I had some Pelmeni in “Pelmeni XL” – a really cute place where you get to choose which “dumplings” you want  by fishing them up yourself from the pots.. and then they weigh everything and you pay. Nice! Thanks Chriz! :)

I found a pair of really cool earrings that I didn’t get.. with Freud on them!

Maybe I should have bought them.. I mean, listen to Freud! :P

I’m speaking “polish with a russian touch” to everybody around here and they understand! At least the older generation does, but the younger ones get english so I managed my way around. haha..

Hey.. guess what? I’m out travelling again! :D

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