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Another good day has passed, I was on an interview for a new part time job that seemed great.. school is good, I managed to send that last assignment in on time ;) and “real” school starts on thursday.. feels great to be studying for real again, when I think about it, the last time I sat on a real lecture in Sweden was before my Erasmus Exchange to Warsaw.. i.e. 2006. Then it has just been thesiswriting and that kind of “boring” stuff.. haha

I love my pictures.. I could just look at them all day and post them here.. I know it’s boring but they’re so great!! Ah, just look at this one.. it’s from the Escadaria Selarón in one of my absolute favourite cities: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.. and hey, it connects with the video further down..  ;)

So, after finishing the japanese writer Kobo Abe’s – Woman in the Dunes last week I have now put my hands onto yet another Milan Kundera book, I love this guy, he’s great.. and the title of this one is “The book of laughter and forgetting“. Read Kunderas “The unbearable lightness of being” por favor. I wont post a link here.. just read it, it’s a favourite.

Passion Pit are playing live in Copenhagen tonight.. we didn’t go. Youtube can do this for me, and then I’ll return to reading..

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead


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