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Peacekeeping vs. Sleeping. Who wins?

I’m too tired for this.. but I have to, have to, have to finish my assignment.

For those asking, the course in International Peacekeeping at Queensland University in Australia is mainly about the work of the UN, it’s an intensive distance course which is given during a period of about three months and I am attending it as a part of the Universitas 21 Global Issues Programme which is just an extra thingy I applied for as they offered really interesting courses at really nice universities.. and hey, I get a Global Issues Certificate when I’m done.. whatever that means. haha

Every week we get the assignment of writing a blogpost answering a question where we have to take a stand in some matter.. so there’s an active on-line discussion and it’s really interesting to read other people’s statements on the topic.. However, as I am miss procrastination and a crazy time optimist, I tend to start way too late.. and then I have to sit here.. hoping to post my blog before 6 o’clock in the morning when the deadline is. And right, I have to get up at 9 tomorrow.. Crazy timezones, crazy me.

I love all this though, the conflict resolution, the world politics, the international relations.. And today I’ve met two really interesting and inspiring people that don’t see the limitations that seem to keep others down.. My prospects to solve wars and mediate between arguing parts scare people sometimes, they think it’s too big and too far away.. impossible. That I want too much from life, that I should slow down. I don’t see the limits, as the world is all out there, just waiting for people to use it. And I find every-day standard life, working 9 to 5 completely unsatisfying and understimulating.. Give me the world!

The picture above is from a 12hour hardseat trainride from Kunming to Guiyang in China last year.. I’m as tired right now as the guy on the picture was after our attempt to communicate for a couple of hours using a dictionary and my notebook.. and the book is Ayn Rand’s – The Fountainhead.. it’s fantastic.. I swear, it’s perfect. Do it.

Back to Peacekeeping. And I really want to sleep.

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