Cartagena – proper sun and great meals.

I was very happy when we got to Cartagena – it was warm, colourful, walkable and super sunny! We hopped on a flight in Medellín as domestic flights to the coast were far cheaper than the buses. It was comfortable getting there so fast, and we found a great place to stay in the middle of the old city – so we could just walk around, eat well, and explore.

Speaking of food, Camilo’s friends introduced us to a Peruvian starter called ‘causa‘, which along with various kinds of ceviche became somewhat of a craving and standard choice of ours during the entire trip. It. was. so. good.

Roadtripping the Zona Cafetera mountains

We decided to rent a car to get out of Medellín and visit the mountains where the majority of Colombian coffee is grown. We grabbed a last bite at that great vegetarian place and headed south to La Zona Cafetera to explore the little town of Salento and its surroundings. You’ve seen some of these photos already, but these are in far better resolution. And we prefer that, don’t we? Yay!

Medellín – Camilo, a sad Giraffe, and “The Best View in the World.”

We hopped on a 10 hour bus from Bogotá to Medellín on Friday night, and spent quite a while of Saturday morning looking for a place to stay – Medellín is a party place, thus packed with people on weekends. We met up with my friend Camilo from that sparkling New Year’s in Warsaw two years ago, and he took us out for shopping, Mojitos and music, and for lunch and hangout with his friends the next day. Medellín was much warmer than Bogotá, and much more tropical. It was a beautiful city where we found a great Vegetarian restaurant (where they had a sad plastic giraffe) and where most people seemed to be running around in their cute little workout outfits..

On our last day in Medellín, we made our way to Piedra del Puñol a bit outside of the city, which wasn’t necessarily a great choice as it was the last day of the holiday, so on our way back we found out that all the buses were fully booked and not even able to get there. So we hopped on a random bus that was passing by instead, and that worked just fine. It always does.

The “Best view in the World” wasn’t that mindblowing either, but it was definitely a fun daytrip.

The Route

Here’s a quick overview of the Colombia, Venezuela & TT route. We went on one-way tickets and most of the itinerary was spontaneous and decided upon as we went on. “Let’s stay here another day, no?” became quite common once we had reached the Caribbean coast, and then we finally decided that we would have enough time to go to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, which for me became the gem of the trip.

I’m back in Malmö now, and it’s laundry day deluxe. Tomorrow is running errands and packing day, and then I’m taking my mom for a tour to her dream destination – it’s her birthday after all.

I might set some automatically timed blogposts with the photos from this trip if I find the time to do so. No promises! :)