Belize 2014

Things you learn


I’ve made my place a bit more cozy for christmas.. I’m still on the hunt for picture frames so I can put some art on the walls but it’s really difficult to find nice wooden frames around here. I’ll wait for when I’m passing by Sweden and grab a bunch in a second hand store. :)

I know I haven’t shared anything personal on here since forever, so here’s a list of random things I’ve learnt about myself when living here, in no particular order:

– It takes me almost exactly 6 months to finish a tube of toothpaste.
– Taking out the garbage feels great, kind of like a fresh start.
– Plants don’t really like me. Which is understandable. Apparently I tend to kill them.
– I’m super mega vigilant and will jump straight out of bed in the middle of the night at the smallest sound. (Hey there, raccoon buddy..)
– The state of my apartment very much affects my mood. Or maybe it’s the other way around.
– I adore geckos to the extent that I tolerate that they poop on the walls. Anything that eats mosquitoes is my friend.
– Living alone makes it somehow magically possible to NOT EAT THE ENTIRE DARK CHOCOLATE BAR all at once. I’m amazed.
– I finally enjoy cooking. (This is a very big deal, seriously.)
– Learning how to stand on my head has seen the most entertaining random hobby ever.
– I love that I can have three kinds of shower gel and use them depending on the mood I’m in.
– Home is totally where the pants aren’t, and this is probably the best thing about living alone.
– Smoothies need to have blueberries in them.
– I have a thing for stocking up on stuff, particularly good pasta, coconut milk, toilet paper, canned chick peas, organic peanut butter, chocolate, wine and water.

In short: Zombie invasion ain’t got nothing on me! haha

That last point is also because Belize is a bit of a hit-or-miss place where you have to strike (buy five) when you see something you like.. this is particularly true for vegetables and fruits and it might take forever to see red tomatoes, avocados, mango, kale, okra or anything else interesting again.. we even have a thing with friends where we will write each other an alert on Whatsapp that a particular place has brought something in. I also buy boxes of nice pasta whenever I’m in Mexico. And wine. Wine is so expensive here in Belize! The choice is limited and you have to pay 20usd for a 10usd bottle that often hasn’t travelled very well. There is a 40% import tax on most things, so you can imagine how much cheaper things are in Mexico compared to here..! I’m happy that I’m mostly herbivorous here, veggies and fruits are cheap! You get a nice box of okra (that’s “good stuff”) for 1USD, or the classic: 8 bananas for 0.50USD.

And the Belizean peanut butter from Cayo is the world’s best ever!


FYI a jar like this is 6USD, and we’re talking 100% natural deliciousness without any added sugar or other nasties. Worth it.

That’s another thing I’ve learnt about myself here. I had no idea how much I love peanut butter.

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