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A wedding in Africa?

“If I get married I want to have my wedding in Africa.” I blurted out the other day.

My mother looked at me with a confused expression..

“Sure, it’s a long shot.. and I don’t know most of the continent, so I guess I mean Mozambique.. “

…? She wasn’t getting it.

“It’s about the party – people dance, hug and have a great time! It’s real, no matter the age! So much love and good vibes.. Plus the awesome tradition of Dança da familia. I want all that!” better find yourself somebody to marry first.

Touché. And if I ever do and can’t bring my loved ones to Moz, I’ll at least try to bring the tradition of dancing. :)

Mena and Celio’s wedding in 2012 is still the most beautiful reception I have attended. Here’s some nostalgia and lots of dancing. Not easy to dance these tunes without heels, I tell you, but it was a long day! Come join in on the fun.

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