Belize 2014 Thoughts

Hold on

I got invited to share today. With a genuine “tell me” a space had been created for me to pour my mind and heart out in the presence of another human being. Yesterday a stranger, today a friend. The value of connecting in the midst of this detached reality..

“I think I want to dive in head first but it’s too high from here.”
“Is it deep enough?”
“So what’s the problem?”
“I don’t know, I’m just afraid I won’t get the right angle from here or something.”
“Sure you will. Do something each day that scares you. Go!”

Seconds later I was in the water. Laughing. Healing.

Sun, water, music, people, mojitos, lobster and shrimp. A quiet Sunday in appreciation of the nearby sea and palm trees.

“A hug should last for more than six seconds, that’s the time it takes for the body to start releasing oxytocin.”

There are strangers out there who insist on hugs and won’t let go of you until you’ve started healing. What a beautiful realization.

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