Header photo..?


It’s been two years since I changed my header photo and page background, and I tend to change them every 2 years.. but.. I really don’t know if I can find anything in my photo archive that is more suitable for this page than this earthy, calm African theme and a baby in a bear suit. I mean, there’s never a better option than a baby in a bear suit, right? And then again.. and a change is always refreshing, and I think it’s time now.

So what options do I have? I haven’t really taken many good photos this year.. Palm trees are amazing, so that’s fine – but I refuse to put a panorama photo of some random impersonal paradise beach up there.. but what about something from Belize? I don’t know what..

Any advice?

For those of you who are new on this page, it used to be ruled by a New Delhi monkey between 2010 and 2012..



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