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India 2013 – Part 7: Jodhpur – Blue, calm and kind.

Jodhpur, also known as the blue city, is not a small place. Yet, it manages not to be too chaotic or dusty, and it is easy to get around by foot. We arrived after five hours in a taxi where my google maps app and gps clearly had saved us from getting completely lost – the taxi driver spoke no word of English and clearly had no idea where we were going. As always, things work themselves out and we found a nice guesthouse we wanted to stay at. In Jodhpur, we took up some of the touristing, visited the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort and the clock tower, had nice lunches, a pedicure session, a private cooking class with the owner of our guesthouse and a look at very sparkling jewelry. It was nice, and still as blue as I had remembered it.

(Edit: If you want more practical information, you can check out Pankaj’s website about Jodhpur, his own town.)

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