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We can’t wait – Start giving a shit.

Kolkata, India 2013

Today is World Toilet Day, a UN recognized event observed annually with the aim to break the taboo around toilets and instead draw attention to the importance of adequate sanitation. It’s not the sexiest of subjects – but it’s doubtlessly one of the most important one’s.

Until today, 2.5 billion people still lack access to a clean toilet. This is a huge challenge that poses not only health risks, but also direct threats to the security of women and girls, and is an abuse on people’s dignity. Girls drop out of school. Children die from diarrhea. Going far away to find a dark spot during the night equals risk of harassment and even rape for many women. Just imagine a scenario of not having privacy when you need to relieve yourself.. this is a reality for a third of the world’s people.

Click the image below for the 2013 report by Water Aid, WSSCC and Domestos on “Why we can’t wait”, and start giving a shit about this.

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