Just got my mind raped by Harmony Korine’s “Gummo” from 1997. But not at all in a “whoah that was surreal and inspiring” kind of way – it was more like he had collected the essence of human decadence and painful reality, chewed it all up – and then vomited over my brain.

Knowing that the absurdities we were watching are a common reality created an extremely uneasy feeling to struggle with. There are so many dimensions to poverty and broken societies, and they are extremely complicated to address. We might know of all of this already… but Korine pressed it against our faces through handheld, natural and unedited pieces of bizarre video. There wasn’t really any specific story, just people and their destructive realities.


  1. Du jag läste lite trivia nu när jag kom hem. Budget: 1,3miljoner dollar och tog 20 dagar att filma. Haha. 5 av 40 var erfarna skådespelare, resten hittade Korine i bowlinghallar eller gränder eller var gamla klasskompisar till honom.

  2. Alltså – att kolla på film med dig är liksom aldrig bara att kolla på film. Det är alltid så sjukt mycket mer.. mindfuck, trivia och goodies. Du är bäst. Plus kärlek på det.

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