Berlin 2013 Celebrating Life Photography

Berlin – Bedjumping, Electrodancing and Street Art.

I expected street art and dark strange rooms with loud electronic music when thinking of Berlin. We got that – and a little more.

Berlin was easy to move around in with its great ubahn system, although we managed to go in the wrong direction a couple of times, we didn’t care much though – our three days were mostly unplanned and we walked around, stepped into very random music performances and went out dancing. I wish I could have taken photos of the places we danced at, but photography was strictly forbidden and my camera battery was kept by the guards. We were lucky with the hotel breakfast which opened early enough for us to enjoy once we were back from our nights out, because we basically lived by night in Berlin, as it’s supposed to be experienced – but we also managed to hang out with Avina’s cousin Chia, visit the Berlin wall memorial, the Mauerpark fleamarket, meet with my friend Annika who I got to know at Corn Island in Nicaragua earlier this year and dance with my old friend Mary from Barcelona. Berlin, this very creative and contrast-filled city, has been on my list of places to photograph since forever – and I was not dissappointed.

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