Central America 2013

Subcutaneous creatures




So I got these random bites during that weekend in the Nature Reserve in Estelí and they have been acting very strange since.

First of all, what bit us were not really mosquitoes but more like small black flies. I got about 50 bites and they itched to the degree that we had to use antihistamine cream.

Sometimes, the bites would suddenly sting very intensely, to the extent that the pain would wake me up. Also, blood and pus would start coming out from the swollen area. The pain has been getting worse during the last week until a doctor prescribed antibiotics agains skin infection for me.

Last night, as I had a shower, I saw that there was a deep hole straight into my arm.

And then something very small and white suddenly stuck its curious little head up from the hole.

Blood tests show no parasites or infection. Ady is a wonderful friend who knows much more than I about medicine and keeps educating me and guiding the doctors despite feeling bad herself. I can’t describe in words how much her presence means to me and how much I love her.

Next step is visiting a dermatologist – and the big hunt for little subcutaneous creatures continues.


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