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New York!




I’m in New York with my lovely girls Renata and Den. I’m staying at Renata’s place in the Upper West Side  until Friday, then I’m moving to Den in Bushwick – I’m trying to see what I can fit into these two weeks and I’m superexcited to be here, people are so eclectic and eccentric!

I have some meetings, coffee with friends, and touristy things planned – and maybe even some waterfalls. Any other suggestions?

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  1. go to UN headquarters, of course! make sure to go on a weekday. on weekends, the flags are not flying outside the building.
    there’s a place in Little Italy known as the ‘best ice cream in the world’. i’m not sure if that’s true, though!
    Chinatown is really cool, and if you wanted, you can take cheap ‘Chinatown’ buses from there to Philadelphia, Washington DC, and further south in Virginia. The buses are kind of gross, but they are perfect people-watching and fifty-languages-to-listen-to places :)
    There’s a place called ‘Scandinavia House’, I’ve heard they have cool programs.
    Have fun and be safe!

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