Bad vibes


Today was a day of negative vibes. Not big one’s, but significant little dramas.

I’m a solution driven person with rationality and balance as my base, conflicts usually pass me by completely and it’s very hard to provoke me to get angry. It upsets some people that I’m so calm and relaxed about things and always try to find an underlying reason to why somebody acted a certain way or said something.. by some it’s appreciated.

However, when misunderstandings and drama come from interaction with friends I really care about, they can make me very uncomfortable. Still not angry, but eager to fix and sad. I like problems to be solved and misunderstandings to be explained and agreed upon as soon as possible, in good order and with a smile. I don’t like things to be left unclear, open, uncertain. I want all the bad essence squeezed out completely, and not have to feel like there are any hard feelings left.

All of this preferably before going to sleep, which was always the rule we had with my mom when I was little – to solve problems and go to sleep in peace and with a smile.

However, rule number one in human interaction is: People have different needs, expectations and preferences. Don’t expect anybody to think/feel the same way you do about things.

So I’m going to sleep without having solved this one.

Buenas noches.

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