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Alejandro Benito Cabrera

In León, many people have transformed the entrance of their houses to little shops selling groceries, rocking chairs and cooked food. People here in Nicaragua tend to engage in many forms of businesses at the same time, and most houses have their front doors open to the street anyway to let the breeze in. I was invited to many people’s homes during the walks around this charming city and at one point, we found a little grocery shop where a man was sitting in front of a canvas filled with little dots, creating a colourful image of Nicaragua’s volcanoes. The man’s name was Alejandro Benito Cabrera, and he has been painting for more than 20 years, selling his paintings internationally. Alejandro’s wife paints too, and he pointed out some of her works hanging on the walls of the little grocery shop while the wife stood outside going through the groceries.

“You can’t take photos of my pieces, but I will let you take a photo of this specific one.”

the artist said, adjusting a beautiful painting hanging behind us. It was a painting so full of detail and things going on that it became my favourite in the little room. Alejandro didn’t mind being in the picture with it, putting on a face that was both serious and proud.

I will visit your website”

Alejandro said as we were leaving. I hope he does.

Visit Indigo Arts Gallery, to purchase paintings by Alejandro Benito Cabrera and his wife. Try finding the little grocery shop if you are heading towards the Subtiava church from the center of León.

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