Live from Android Nicaragua 2013 Work

We don’t usually do this but..

image’s just one of those days.

After a couple of very intense days in the office I eventually got the feeling that my work was accumulating, hours becoming shorter and energy levels dropping.

Recognizing what my body and mind were annoyed about, I left the office at 7pm and took the evening off yesterday. Went out for dinner with a friend, had a good talk with a beautiful view, and didn’t even glance at my computer when I got home. Ha!

Today my body and I woke up with enough energy to wash clothes and prepare a proper breakfast, so I think we are in agreement again – however, we just decided to have a cup of coffee.

We don’t usually do this but.. those deadlines won’t move no matter how we feel about them.


  1. Wow! Lots of things happened while I was gone for 3 weeks. All caught up with you now. one thing to add also (and you can copy and paste this) on your p11 form signature technique is that if one has a smartphone there are applications for scanning files (taken as photos with the phone) and turning the file into pdf. That way if people, like myself, don’t have photoshop they can do it this way. They will need good lighting. Natural light during the day works well.

    Miss you! Can’t wait to see you!


    1. Hey love, good to have you back.
      Ahh, good trick indeed! What’s the name of the app?

      Miss you too! Can’t wait to see all your Cuba photos – and you! When are you coming by?


  2. Okej, eftersom jag missat hur du lagt upp bilderna i bildgalleriet i två år så kanske jag också bara inte har sett att du har en bakgrund på bloggen nu.Har du alltid haft det? Snyggt i alla fall!

    1. Haha, finaste Maja.

      Bakgrundsbilden la jag upp ungefär två timmar innan du kommenterade – så du var verkligen inte sen ute med att märka det!
      Snacka om observant – tack!

      Kram & kärlek!

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