Surrealism and Destiny

Originally a collaboration between two of the world’s most influential and distinguishable artists, the short film Destino was only finalized and released 58 years after the beginning of its production in 1945. You won’t possibly overlook the very clear influence from both Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí, mindblowing Surrealism that meets classic Disney animation, with a touch of Mexican music written by Armando Dominguez, performed by Dora Luz.

And a beautiful story. It’s perfect.

Salvador Dalí & Walt Disney – Destino

I shared this video two years ago, but it was taken down shortly after.. Now that it’s online again in beautiful HD quality I had to share to let you enjoy one of the most beautiful videos I know of. The more times you watch it, the more details you find, actually, two years later and after watching it many times (I have a copy on my harddrive) – I’m still discovering little parts I didn’t see before.

Full screen, full HD, focus, love!

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