China 2008

Step on the ice

China 2008
Beijing, China 2008

The person that became my best friend in China in 2008 suddenly answered an email I wrote a couple of years ago:

“Dear Xinmin!!!!

How are you??? It has been a long time!!!!!

My email account in yahoo has been hacked and totally mess there so I did not use it anymore. Today I check what it is going on with that email and I find you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not use facebook for a while cause lots of my friends are not there.

I’m on my first year of PhD studies and…


Many Hugs!!



P.S. I have read 1984 soooo many times and became my most favorite……Thank you…………!


Made me so happy – couldn’t have thought of a better place to bring that book than to the world behind the golden firewall.

Read this old post.

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