Live from Android Nicaragua 2013

Kinder Bueno


In Nicaragua it’s okay to start eating and drinking while shopping. You then pay for the empty bottle or paper along with the rest of your groceries. In my case, the rest is stuff to mix in the blender I realized I have in the kitchen, I’m happily craving fruit smoothies.


You know when you stand by the cashier waiting to pay your groceries, and the stuff that has been scanned continues on outside of the safe zone? I have often wondered if it happens a lot that the people busy packing their things accidently or purposely put something that theoretically already is yours into their own bag. I got a strange feeling today from the young 20-something couple in front of me when glancing at them in this exact moment, but dismissed it after double checking for my wallet and phone, and concentrated on paying. Now, this is just as hilarious as it is annoying; the kids stole my damn strawberries!

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