Nicaragua 2013 Photography

Casamiento de Julio y Carolina

Yesterday I attended a wedding that I had been invited to just a couple of days earlier, actually, the decision to get married was taken by the couple only last week.

Julio and Carol have known each other, studied together and been good friends for more than ten years. Three years ago, they decided to become a couple, which proved to be difficult due to the expectations and rules set by the society and Nicaraguan culture. So about a year ago, they came to the conclusion that it would be easier to go separate ways.

Telling me their story while we were having lunch last week, Julio explained that he has very much in common with his wife to be. “I play the guitar, she sings, we like travelling and doing things together, we always have a lot of fun, she’s great!” he said with a huge smile on his face.

“And guess what – last week we decided to meet again after almost a year apart, and realized that we have always loved each other and that we will continue doing so forever.. so I said: So it’s done, we’re getting married right away! And she said yes!”

The date was set to a week later.

Honoured to be invited, I offered to take some photos of the ceremony. Julio was glad “Great! And you can put them in your blog as well!” Well, obviously. :)

The ceremony took place in the house of Julio’s father, on the outskirts of Managua. It was a civil wedding with the presence of friends, family and a representative from the state who was talking about the responsibilities, rights and duties in a marriage. A man with a bible spoke about how the fear of God was the cornerstone of a lasting commitment and how the couple had to respect each other, be loyal and love each other forever and beyond death. The papers were signed, rings exchanged, there was a kiss, a long and warm hug, home cooked food, fantastic cake – and an atmosphere filled with smiles.

After a honeymoon to the beautiful city of Granada, the bride will now finally be able to move in with her husband, and the young couple will start their new life on their own, married, independent, and happy.

Muchas gracias por dejarme ser parte de su día importante y hermoso, Julio y Carolina. Les deseo todo lo mejor y felicito una vez más!


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